Website design is the heart of all websites. The more attractive yet easy-to-use your WordPress website is, the more your visitors will love it. Creating a WordPress website with a beautiful design and a great user experience requires a lot of time and effort. You can save a lot of time and effort with a foundation and a good starting point.

Oxygen Builder has a great feature called Design Library which allows you to create a set of reusable design elements that can be distributed and used on another website.

What is Yabe Kokoro?

Yabe Kokoro is a Design Sets Manager WordPress plugin made for Oxygen designers and developers to reuse their design sets in other projects. Its e-commerce integration allows you to sell your design sets with easy.

Kokoro is a Japanese word (Kokoro) that means “heart” or “mind”.

The Yabe Kokoro was carefully crafted with specific features in mind:

  • License system : The complete license key generation, activation, and checking system.

  • Remotes manager : Connect to multiple design sets sources.

  • Truely an Oxygen add-on : Yabe Kokoro built only a thin layer on top of Oxygen Builder. Fully compatible with Oxygen’s built-in design sets system and make it a future-proof add-on.

  • E-commerce integration : Sell your design sets with ease. Yabe Kokoro is integrated with the most popular e-commerce plugins.

  • Lightweight and blazingly fast : The license system is built on Oxygen’s built-in system, WordPress REST API, and a modern JavaScript framework for an instant, responsive user experience. It has a small footprint and won’t slow down your site.

  • Easy to use : Connect and manage the design sets with a simple, intuitive interface.

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